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However, unlike you, these animals, to use an all embracing term, have remained part of the natural rhythm of Nature, its birth, growth, survival and death. This Nature is natural, not artificial, as most humans have become. However, it is difficult for Nature to get through to you in your concrete, glass, steel, wooden cages you live in now. When Nature does manage to get through to you, It is pasteurized, homogenized, insectecided, etc. However, Nature is persistent and never stops its natural flow of rhythms to get its messages to you. As a human being, your balance in Nature needs restoring.

You need to feel the part of Nature you really are. You are always encouraged to go for a walk, a bicycle ride, a jog, play golf, bowls, outdoor sports and hobbies, climb a mountain, ford a stream, and follow every rainbow until you find your dream! Do whatever you want or need to do but, please do it in Nature and with nature. Restore your natural balance with Nature. Return to your roots, literally and figuratively. When these animals, birds, fish, insects, mammals, etc. Do not prefer one that makes you feel good. Each animal is unique and has a unique message for you.

If this animal has come into your space, then do not judge it, but accept it, surrender to it and take the message it has brought to you to heart. If you'd like to recieve occasional newsletters from the Channel on GuideSpeak please follow the link below to register on PersonalEmpowerment. The Book of Understanding Animal Spirits. Spirit, God, or whatever name resonates with you, describes The One We are all part of. The One is often described as Nature.

Nature is an acceptable name for now. You and Nature Combine When you go to sleep on a pillow filled with feathers, and you awake to drink tea, coffee, orange juice, have a piece of toast with honey or jam, perhaps have an egg, grab your leather coat as you rush out the door, climb into your steel, leather, plastic, iron, composite, motorcar, using petro-chemical fuel dug out of the earth and go to school, work, play, you and Nature are combining and intertwining. You are a part of Nature.

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Nature sends you messages, sometimes, from animals, birds, fish, insects, mammals, etc. Table Of Contents 1. ANT 3. BAT 7. They have a recipe for emotional complexity; excitement with fear, anxiety with hope, and commitment with uncertainty. Steve Irwin February 22nd, — September 4th, You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Posted on February 21, March 20, by bradkronen. But that all changed when the Crocodile Hunter came to town. Asteroid , better known as Asteroid Crikey! One final karmic note regarding the vibrant life of the man whose love of animals and of Nature, itself was infectious… Steve Irwin was born on February 22, , which translates to the sign of Pisces, and in Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Tiger.

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And in doing so, made the world a better place for all creatures great and small. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Filter out life's static and know when it is time to hide what is precious.

Taking the grit you endure and finding the pearls of wisdom within. Parrotfish -- A shapeshifter, having the ability to adapt and transform to its changing environment. The parrotfish calls us to balance the energies within us. To connect the elements of air and water and bring forth our creative gifts into this reality. It calls us to fully and fearlessly express our true selves. This beautiful being reminds us that we are more that what we appear to be on the surface, and that our true mysteries lie within, waiting to be expressed.

Perch -- Adept at going with the current as well as in finding its own way. It is more at home in fresh water, liking its presence to preferring that of clean surroundings. The Perch symbolizes toughness and persistence.

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Periwinkle -- Can survive in a tiny puddle, differing colors depending on the environment, migrating up and down with the flow of the tide. Pike -- Unexpected virtue, generosity, holy truths, union with the divine, preferring simplicity over the complex, finding 'higher thought' pointless, living a rich life, sometimes being too assertive or overwhelming when sharing thoughts with others, learning to accept that others find their own truths in their own time, you cannot make someone believe what you do.

Piranha -- Service to the river and the life within it, savagery, tearing apart enemies, understanding the power of groups, ability to totally consume use what is given to you. Porpoise -- [Do not confuse with the'Dolphin'] -- Bearer of wisdom, the power of breath and sound, harbinger of good fortune,,rarely going along with the group. The Legend of the Porpoise says that if you pray to see your true gift revealed a "dream porpoise" will deliver it. Prawn -- see "Shrimp". Pufferfish - - Defense through inducing fear in ones enemy, changing size to deter, transmutation of poison, power to induce a death-like state.

Quahog -- see under "Clam". Remora , Suckerfish -- Cannot,live in calm waters, being unable to focus, stoic sufferer , It is not a parasite, but it will attach itself to a host animal, such as a shark. In Medieval lore it was called Echeneis and was said to attach itself to ships to slow them down. Others holding you back in your attempts to get ahead.

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The Salmon migrate either from seawater to freshwater or from a lake to a stream to breed. They have instincts so remarkably specific that each generation returns to spawn in the exact same breeding place and symbolize the value of returning home, a transforming spiritual journey. The salmon shows how to swim the sacred waters upstream, overcoming all obstacles to return to the source.

Although struggle is part of its journey the salmon teaches us how to focus our energy and attention on an objective and maintain the discipline necessary to accomplish it. Sometimes it takes single minded determination to overcome obstacles and achieve a desired goal. Sand Dollar -- Freely developing childhood, living partially hidden, the money of the mermaids. Scallop -- The scallop resembles the setting sun and symbolizes a Celtic death journey westwards towards the setting sun. In medieval Europe, the scallop was considered an embodiment of the spirit; further, the scallop shell itself was the badge of pilgrims.

It is an omen of fertility and a symbol of Aphrodite. Scorpionfish -- Warning. Feeling cornered and cornering others. Finding yourself in a tight spot. Sea Butterfly Sea Angel -- Swim freely in emotional waters, letting go and floating along with the currents of life. Listening to intuition that guides movement in the depths of the emotional world.

Primal Astrology of Celebrities (Part 1)

Passivity but also being aggressive when needed. Nearly colorless,it shows how to utilize transparency, discernment, seeing through the core issue. Take opportunities to be around others as they will help uplift you in knowledge and wisdom. Sea Cucumber -- Heightened communication, emphasizing hormone levels along with unconscious signals and nerves.

Ability to change from rigid to soft by utilizing emotional balance. She shows how to remain firm in tight or delicate situations. Watch for potential symbiotic relationships to form. Sea Dragon -- Placidity. Gentle movement.

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Gentle masculinity. Going with the flow. The protective ocean. Reef magic. Dragon energy.

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The protective father. Using beauty and brightness as camouflage. Seahorse , -- Male, graceful, a code of chivalry, can deal with emotions, courtship dancing, the only species where the male has the babies.