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Saturn brings definition, and often limitation, to the planets it aspects. Saturn is in its exaltation in the sign of Libra ; Saturn is in its fall in the sign of Aries opposite the sign of its exaltation ; and Saturn is in its detriment in the sign of Cancer opposite the ruling sign of Capricorn.

As previously mentioned, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move very slowly, staying in the same sign for years.

For this reason, their effects are not felt as personally, but tend to impact on a generational level. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are invisible to the unaided eye. Therefore, their symbolism represents qualities that are not part of the physical world of the senses that we normally identify as reality. Their discovery over the past three centuries — Uranus in , Neptune in , and Pluto, first proposed mathematically in , then actually located in — imply that the urges for experience they represent are very recent developments in human consciousness.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the wild-cards of the solar system, the jokers in the symbolic deck.

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The Trans-Saturnine planets are higher octaves of the visible planets in our solar system Sun not included , they can represent our gateway to success on a grand scale. As such, the general population can only react through the outer visible planets and their influences. Uranus — awakening, or radical individualization by shock. In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with change. Uranus is forward-looking. It balks at tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. Uranus is associated with technology, innovation, discovery, and all that is progressive.

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On the up side, Uranus is associated with enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty, and ingenuity. Negative expression of Uranus is rebelliousness without a cause and irresponsibility. When Uranus is not developed, it reacts; but when natives are truly in tune with its energies, Uranus is highly intuitive. It represents the spark of intuition that spurs invention. We can see Uranus as the intuition that sparks further studies or investigation. The function of Uranus is a metaphoric awakening of the individual through a psychological breakthrough, an unexpected event, or a departure from old forms.

It represents conscious shock, the ability of the individual to break through to new levels or realms of understanding or consciousness. After Uranus was discovered it brought a great change in the society as well as the science and astronomy.

The discovery of Uranus coincided with the discovery of electricity and the broader research orientated scientific methodologies. Hersche the musician discovered this planet. Uranus stands for the symbol of testimony and progression. Its symbol also represents the mythology of Thor, the Greek God and Lord Indra, the lord of lightning.

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In Greek mythology, Uranus is the personification of the heavens and the night sky. It brings out the superior form of intellectual and intelligence from within us. It is related to the psychology of man. Uranus represents the nervous system of an individual. Uranus brings within us refined and more intuitive and intellectual faculties. People who are influences under Uranus are either destructive in nature, or work towards progress of nature.

The complete cycle of Uranus takes 84 years- same as one human life span. Uranus helps to govern change — any kind of intellectual change, any radical and unexpected change. Since Uranus has been attributed with these values, any type of change or reformation is linked with Uranus. Since it is one of the three outer planets including Neptune and Pluto, it is considered a transpersonal planet. Unlike Neptune and Pluto whose cycles are much longer, some individuals experience the return of Uranus to its previous position before time. Uranus represents the unconscious urge to become aware of your true inner individuality the Sun.

Like a lightning bolt, Uranus symbolizes sudden flashes of insight, moments of revelation, and spurts of creativity. Like lightning, Uranus breaks into time and fractures our patterns. New ideas break into ordinary streams of thought, bringing innovative solutions to stubborn problems. It is your intuition awakening you to a world beyond our social structure. Uranus forces sudden changes when the usefulness of the old is gone and something newer, something higher and better is ready to take its place. Uranus encompasses technology and all types of electronic devices. Uranus speeds up the mind, making it to bypass logic and arrive at conclusions by leaping from A to Z, shocking people.

Uranus seeks alternatives to the common and accepted forms. At best, Uranus encourages originality, versatility and independence. At worst, it encourages eccentricity, perversion and rebellion.

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Uranus demands freedom. Uranus punches holes in our assumptions about the nature of reality by provoking sudden shocks that disrupt the rhythm of specific habits and routines. Certain of our old beliefs and attitudes are challenged by something new, something radical, something from beyond our expectations. The effect is both exciting and unsettling, and our reactions may vary from wild exhilaration to sickening nausea.

Uranian periods are extreme but inconsistent.

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Soldiers often report that war involves days, weeks, or even months of tedious boredom interrupted by heightened moments of adrenaline-laced terror. Uranus operates in similar fashion. Brief outbursts of dramatic change awaken us, lifting us out of our routines. But those bursts end as suddenly as they began, and are then followed by long stretches where nothing happens.


During these quiet calms between storms, we may feel oddly alienated, not only from others, but even from our former life as well. Having been jolted, we wait with expectancy for the next shock. We discover the freedom to be different, either by willfully asserting our independence or through forced separation from others. No matter which direction the revolution comes from — out of us or at us — Uranus provokes the collapse of an old reality that has probably been under stress for some time. Loyalty is a Uranian trait, right up to the moment of betrayal.

Then we encounter a new reality, unpredicted and unexpected, one that represents a dramatic contradiction to the rest of our lives. That new reality may be refreshing or chaotic, but it will disrupt all our equations and challenge all our theories. Uranus is unpredictable. There is no astrologer in the world who can predict what will happen with transits of this planet, only that whatever it is, it will be surprising.

What can be said when Uranus goes over an angle or planet, is that a particular area of life will be highly energized and that whatever happens, it may be upsetting, perhaps shocking, new and different, with awakenings to different levels of perception and experience.

Uranus in a chart shows how we are different from others and out of step with the people around us and it also relates to technology and automobiles. The planet of sudden and unexpected changes and upheaval. Uranus brings upset, disruption, sudden flashes of insight, and rebelliousness. In society, it rules radical ideas and the people who champion them. Uranus also rules revolutionary events that disturb established structures and traditional order.